Logic Puzzles For Kids

Logic Puzzles For Kids



It's very important to develop child’s logical thinking from childhood. Logic Puzzles For Kids will help you with it!

This exciting puzzle game will teach your child to compare, analyze, collate the received information and establish simple regularities. In the future, the ability to think logically will be useful not only in solving school problems, but also in analyzing difficult life situations.

There are 3 game modes: In the first mode you need to find a regularity between first three pictures and choose from the bottom row a card that fits within the meaning. 
In the next mode: your aim - is to select a picture on the right cube, which is the logical pair to the picture on the left cube.
There are four subject. Three of them have something in common, you need to find which is different.

HOW TO PLAY: Just choose one of the mini games to start! It's important to pay attention to details. Read the task attentively and determine the regularity to match the pictures correctly.

Logic Puzzles For Kids features:
- Excellent preschool activities for kids - get ready for a school;
- Entertaining gameplay will absorb you for a long time;
- Tricky tasks won’t leave you indifferent;
- 3 mini games: which will be your favorite?

Logic Puzzles For Kids teaches the child to highlight the main idea. Summarize and draw appropriate conclusions with fun!