Logic Master Test

Logic Master Test



One day everybody asks himself a question: am I actually clever or not? Now you have a great chance to know that for sure! We've made this Logic Master Test specially for those people who want to test their intelligence, mother wit, logic and reflexes at the same time! Check it up!

HOW TO USE: Logic Master Test is the funny brainteaser quiz with a lot of interesting and sometimes complicate questions that will identify your mental acuity and knowledge! All you have to do is read the question and tap the answer which you think is right. Easy, isn't it? So don't worry, there's no bad result... at least we hope so. Good luck!

Logic Master Test features:
- User-friendly interface and nice graphics;
- Collection of tricky and interesting questions;
- Amazing brainteaser for all ages;
- Cool mental capacity test for your device.

Download our Logic Master Test and show everyone how smart you are! Makes you think outside a box and have a lot of fun! Ask your friends and folks to pass this test and compare the results.