Letters Soup

Letters Soup



Great news for everyone who enjoys falling brick games and word games. An excellent way to test your attention, reaction and vocabulary! Let's see how smart and crafty you are in the new super addictive game Letters Soup!

It's time to mix and match a little bit! Make your perfect letter soup - choose right letters and make words from them. The gameplay is easy and tricky at the same time. We assure you - with Letters Soup word brick game you will never get bored! Enjoy funny and cute design - we bet that you've never seen such an unusual soup!

HOW TO PLAY: Enjoy the super captivating gameplay of Letters Soup! The bricks with letters are falling from the sky into your tasty broth! You should put this vocabulary chaos in order - make words from letters and clear the space! Word cookery begins! You can make words from two to five letters. Challenge yourself - try new levels and switch difficulty!

Letters Soup features: 
- Perfect mix of falling bricks game and words challenge;
- Great brain teaser for whole family;
- Captivating gameplay - play everywhere and have fun;
- Expand your vocabulary - test your language skills;
- Excellent way to learn English playfully.

Letters Soup - try this new thrilling brain teaser game! Let's make some Letters Soup!