Learning To Spell & Write

Learning To Spell & Write



Learning To Spell & Write is a great educational app for those who learn English as a foreign language. Check your knowledge of English words' spelling and widen your vocabulary with this awesome storytelling app. Fill in the gaps with the needed words and read the story! Test yourself and forget about boring grammar classes! 

HOW TO USE: Read the text and insert the dropped word typing it with the proper letters in a correct order. You can listen to the text recording to recognize the missing word clearly. Use a hint if you find it hard to spell the word. Each next sentence will bring you nearer to the story resolution. Complete the full story with all properly spelled words!

Learning To Spell & Write features: 

- fantastic story with "fill in the gaps" task; 
- spell the missing words properly to read the story; 
- funny and useful way to broaden your vocabulary; 
- simple but effective spelling trainer.