Learn English Easy

Learn English Easy



Learn English Easy is an new educational application that will help you to improve your English speaking skills and practice in  English grammar. Our app covers five main ground in English: tenses, parts of speech, numbers and alphabet. Here you will find basic English grammar rules which will be helpful for beginners and for people, who have a good knowledge of English either: first ones gain new knowledge, the second ones repeat rules they might forget. With Learn English Easy you are getting detailed explained rules of grammar with examples and special notes for your better understanding and exercises, that will help you to improve the knowledge you going to have after reading the rules. Stating from the theory part you can easily move to the practice with big variety of exercises on the topic you have chosen.


HOW TO USE: There are different types of exercise: choosing the right V-form, derivation of the word, spellchecker, numbers checker and other more interesting and educational! All of exercises have explanations, but it is made as intuitive as it could be. You should finish more than 500 different tasks to rich the success on the way of English studying.

Learn English Easy Features: 
- All the ruled followed by different types of exercises;
- Lots of exercises, more than 500;
- Covered all the tenses;
- Great educational application both for adults and teenagers;
- Everyday practice and theory.

Knowledge of different languages is extremely important in modern world. It especially concerned to English. That is why we decided to create this educational app that will be helpful for both adults and teenagers. This application is the best way to improve your English Grammar at home, on the weekend, wherever and whenever you want!