Lasers And Mirrors

Lasers And Mirrors



Lasers And Mirrors is a wonderful game for all physics puzzles lovers! Prove that you are clever enough to solve all the tasks, feel as a scientist making experiments with lasers! If you want to check up your logic skills and attention, Lasers And Mirrors is a perfect app for you!

Lasers And Mirrors is an opportunity to refresh your school memories about physics lessons and just have fun! 

HOW TO PLAY: Use mirrors to reflect the light. The lasers are of different colors: white, blue, yellow and so on. Your task is to put the mirrors properly and to fulfill the field with laser lights. Be attentive:  one mirror can reflect a laser only one time!

Lasers And Mirrors game features:
- A really interesting and involving brain teaser;
- Suits children and grown-ups;
- The game will keep you entertained for a long time;
- Your eyes will be pleased with bright colors.

Lasers And Mirrors will take you out into cool world of physics! Download it now and enjoy the gameplay!