A zoo is a beautiful place where animals live joyful and peaceful lives. But they are in trouble! The animals have lost their homes and don't know where they belong anymore. Play wiht lion and zebra in savannah and tropical islands! Help the white bear survive in frosty glaciers. Go through dense jungles and deep oceans to visit a fairy xmas land.

How To Play:
Drag the animals  and drop them where you think they should fit. Try to put them in forms, which suit them. Complete the picture by placing all animals in the right places.

Forget about sliding puzzle games and cardboard apps which are too difficult for kids. Kids Zoo Puzzles is an amazing app with cute virtual animals. It was created specially for toddlers and preschoolers who have just began to explore nature! Test intelligent skills in one of the best logic puzzle apps. Rich a highscore in this exciting animal puzzle for every boardgamegeek.

Kids Zoo Puzzles Features:
-    Various places for little animals to live in;
-    Cool control and memory trainer for kids;
-    Various animals to play with: bunnies, parrots, ducks, kangaroos and zebra; 
-    Peg game for both boys and girls.

What's New:
-    More interesting animals;
-    New locations: rainforests, jungles, oceans and islands;
-    Christmas mood with a special map and creatures;
-    Saving your game progress within a map;
-    Real animal sounds.

For Parents:
To enlarge your kids' knowledge about the world you can buy new maps with more animals and difficult tasks.

Download our new Kids Zoo Puzzles and develop logic and memory skills with our educational game for kids!