Kids Peg Puzzle Game

Kids Peg Puzzle Game



Welcome to the FAIRYTALE where many different characters live: cute princesses, kind foxes, pigs and ponies, friendly octopuses, seahorses and many other wonderful creatures. Once all the fairy characters were lost their homes and they don't know how to come back. You are here to help them to return and find their places!
You will have a gripping adventure to 
-different lands and worlds, 
-get acquanted with different animals and people, 
-meet various riddles!

Travel around the fairy places and help their citizens to come back to their places! Is this puzzle easy for you? Check your logic and agility in our Peg Puzzle For Kids game FREE!

How to Play:
All the animals and princesses were lost on big pictures. Arrange all the characters properly matching them with their shadows. 
FIND the right places in:
- Winter woods;
- Summer countryside;
- Under the sea.
MEET different fairy creatures:
- Ponies
- Princesses
- Domestic and wild animals
- Sea and ocean animals

Peg Puzzles For Kids Features:
- Cute and colorful surroundings together with fairy characters! Meet foxes, wolves, pigs, cats, dogs and other animals in their normal surroundings! Learn where all the animals live!
- Develop your logic and imagination! Try to find homes for all animals!
- Play with your friends or parents and ask them to help you!
-Travel to a real fairytale and learn something new and interesting!

Peg Puzzles For Kids is the real chance to play with your imagination and logic! Start your adventure right now!