Kids Labyrinth

Kids Labyrinth



Do you want to improve your accuracy while killing time at home? You can do it with our new Kids Labyrinth app! Trace straight and curved lines and help animals get their food! Great developing game for kids which helps training accuracy as good as old handwriting book, just hundred times more exciting!  

HOW TO PLAY: You can choose form two modes: newbie - where all you need is the accuracy, and master - you also need to be fast. All you need to do is trace the line on the screen with your finger and help the cute animal characters get their treats. At the end of each game you will see how well you did: how much was filled and how much was missed. In the master mode watch the timer – if it turns red you are getting out of time. 

Trace the Line features:
- Lovely cartoon animation with favorite characters;
- Perfect accuracy and attention test for kids
- Must-have app for a pre-school education;
- Two modes to choose: newbie and master;
- Timer for the master mode;
- Perfect game for killing time;
- Simple, yet captivating game;
- Hilarious sounds of eating animals – you get to hear them just only if you are good enough!

Improve your reaction processes and accuracy with our new Trace the Line app and you will never get bored! Try and stick with one of the most amazing brain training games and you are going to love this cutie animal game and educational app Trace the Line! Have tons of fun!