Kids Easter Puzzles

Kids Easter Puzzles



Meet the Easter on your device - let us present you the most enthralling Easter game about multicoloured showy eggs. The zest of the game is that you don't need to paint them as you do it every year. Just match the halves of egg shell and get a festive Easter symbol. Create the whole galaxy of eggs of any colouration in Kids Easter Puzzles!

Kids Easter Puzzles consists of 3 mini-games, each with its own task.
First of all, match the appropriate halves of eggs to get the whole one, prepared to symbolize the Resurrection. Then, you should find and choose an excess egg from the others. Be watchful, cuz it's not so easy as it seems! And at last look! Someone's broken up all eggs and they have splintered into several fragments. The Easter is on the eve, so please hurry up and try to turn this unpleasantness into the lovely egg pleiad, matching the fragments and making the whole egg.

FEATURES OF Kids Easter Puzzles:
- Extremely easy to play and to get enthusiastic;
- Zingy atmosphere of the Easter;
- A lot of eggs of any imaginable and unthinkable traceries.

Create an Easter milieu everywhere and anytime and organize an egg gala day for your children with Kids Easter Puzzles!