Kids Cuisine For Parents

Kids Cuisine For Parents



Kids Cuisine For Parents - an excellent app that will give each parent a perspective on what their children should eat to keep energetic, attentive and concentrated at school and in life. A collection of recipes, meal planning for every day and detailed description of products' properties - all is in one handheld manual!

HOW TO PLAY: There are a cognitive material on Products, Recipes and Meal Plans for different purposes at your service. Just choose the topic you are interested in and get a really useful information for you and your child!

Kids Cuisine For Parents features:
- Pleasant art style;
- Easy-to-use guidance on the right food for a healthy living;
- Clear information on food properties;
- 4 types of recipes: for attention, for energy, for memory, for pupils;
- An opportunity to "like" a favorite recipe, product or a meal plan.

Eat a qualitative food and keep healthy with Kids Cuisine For Parents!