Kids Car Puzzles

Kids Car Puzzles



Kids Car Puzzles is a perfect brainteaser for those into car games, puzzles and trivia. This game is developed especially for attention training and brain development, and colorful pictures of different car models will entertain you for a long time! Try to find a place for each car, and be attentive – the silhouettes differ, but really not so much! Try to do your best to make no mistake!

HOW TO PLAY: choose a level and a picture to start. Try to find a right place for each car, be attentive and fast to set new records and open bonus levels!

Kids Car Puzzles features:
- Several locations with wonderful landscapes;
- Lot of car models: autos, buses, limousines, police cars, jeeps;
- Interesting levels with increasing difficulty;
- Realistic car sounds;
- Bonus levels.

Kids Car Puzzles is a perfect mix of brain trivia and car game for kids, so you can train your brain and have fun at the same time! It's also a great time killer app, so install it right now and you won't be disappointed!