Kids Atlas

Kids Atlas



Our new educational app for preschoolers Kids Atlas - Up In The Sky will allow you to make an amazing cognitive skyward journey!

What is there in the clouds and higher?
Where is the sky edge?
What kinds of "sky layers" exist and what can we find there?

Every inquisitive child can find the answers to all these questions here!

HOW TO PLAY: There are two modes - LEARN and CREATE.
- In the LEARN mode your child gets acquainted with air layers. You get detailed information about each height and objects you can meet there.
- In the CREATE mode the goal is to put layers in the correct order.

Kids Atlas - Up In The Sky features:
- Great educational app for kids;
- First discoveries of the planet;
- Stimulate curiosity to the world we live in;
- Interactive game for better learning.

Learn the air envelope of our planet and discover the world with Kids Atlas!