Kiddy Preschool Puzzles

Kiddy Preschool Puzzles



Looking for the best game for your smart child? We are glad to demonstrate the most beautiful games miscellany for children, who want to be new Einsteins. Kiddy Preschool Puzzles contains four diverse games, which will help your child to develop versatile skills and abilities. 

HOW TO PLAY: There are 4 different mini-games:
1. You can start with the "More-Less" and deal with figures and numbers
2. Then there is a "Calendar game", where you and your children will fill all the gaps and will learn what days, months or year are defined as. 
3. Later you can begin "Birthday game". The goal is to determine, how old the baby animal is.
4. Finally, you can enjoy "Comparison game" where you should find two kittens with the similar number of spots. After all, you can watch the results to your notice. 
Wow, your child stands almost close to Einstein, so let's play again!

Kiddy Preschool Puzzles features:
- 4 versatile games in one app;
- Develops mathematics skills, arithmetic abilities, logic, attentiveness, perseverance, intuition etc.;
- Comprehensive game box!

Looking for logic games for your child? Or do you just want to entertain him? It doesn't matter! Download Kiddy Preschool Puzzles and you'll kill two birds with one stone!