Kiddy Learning Box

Kiddy Learning Box



Kiddy Learning Box is a cheerful kids game that will teach you to analyze, compare and make correct conclusions, because in this app you need to pay attention to every detail – differences can be quite inconspicuous! Let’s see, how attentive you are!

To complete the first task you need to compare all the pictures given. See, how fast you can find the same small picture which is absolutely identical to the big one! In the second game What's different? the aim is to find the picture which differs from the others. Train your attention span and remember - differences are not always visible at first sight! The third learning activity directed to the visual memory training. Just memorize the pictures to find them after a bit.

HOW TO PLAY: Choose one of the 3 game modes and play:
1) Find the same ones – you have one big and 5 little pictures, and only one of the little pictures is the same as the big. Find it!
2) What different? – find the picture which different from the others
3) Which picture disappear? – look at the pictures attentively, then choose which was hidden.

Kiddy Learning Box is a great attention training game for preschoolers

Kiddy Learning Box features:
- Colorful design won’t leave you indifferent;
- 3 mini games: which will be your favorite?
- Intuitive gameplay - designed specially for children.

Try our Kiddy Learning Box and improve your attention span and eye estimation completing interesting tasks!