Jurassic Birds - Discovering Fossils

Jurassic Birds - Discovering Fossils



Dive into the prehistoric world looking for the Jurassic birds fossils! We guarantee that paleontology has never been so exciting! You’ve got an excellent chance to start your great paleontological investigation. Just place Jurassic Birds bones to their proper locations to win! Let’s take part in new exciting adventure with Jurassic Birds: Discovering Fossils that will take your attention for a long time!

Collect the full ornithological collection of preancient flying creatures, learn them all and both become an expert in this field and entertain to the fullest!

You can meet:
- Sapeornis Chaoyangensis
- Aves
- Confuciusomithidae
- Troodontidae and many others

HOW TO PLAY: You need to create Jurassic Birds skeletons placing matching bones to their proper locations! The number of bones will constantly increase. Select bones by tapping them, if you are right the bones will attach to the skeleton, otherwise they will return at the same position. Remember, some bones may be unnecessary for the completion. By the way if you want to improve your time results you can always tap restart and start from the very beginning.

Jurassic Birds: Discovering Fossils features:
- Multi-level educational game of prehistoric life
- Complete Jurassic Birds skeletons against time
- Be quick and establish new records!
- Helpful mini tutorials will assist your start actions!

Complete all the skeleton puzzles and reveal Jurassic Birds! Play Jurassic Birds: Discovering Fossils and broaden your outlook!