Japanese Word Search Puzzle

Japanese Word Search Puzzle



Words surround us everywhere every day and we read them easily. Who could've thought they can be so much invisible in a tiny box full of letters. Many animals are hidden in this jungle of words, be very attentive to find them. You can move them with various kinds of transport if you find such in the second word box. Refill your powers with the candies from the third one.

Your adventures do not stop there. It was just a beginning. Now you should be prepared for a more difficult task - seek for random words in a larger puzzle board.

- You'll be given certain words to find;
- Look for one in the puzzle board;
- Touch the letters with your finger;
- Seek for next word!

Japanese Word Search Puzzle features:
- Funny charming interface;
- Two sizes of the puzzle board;
- Various items: from food to transportation;
- Words are hidden in horizontal, vertical and oblique order.

The app is perfect for kids to learn and play at the same time. It has simple interface with bright colors and alluring music. It helps broaden mind, upgrade speaking skills, enlarge vocabulary. It also prevents developing fillers in a child's speech.

Make your day more diverting, exsplore the language! The brain-teaser waits for you to solve the word mystery.