IQ Test App 2

IQ Test App 2



IQ (an Intelligence Quotient) is a method to assess human intelligence with several tests. Results of such tests work out numerically. An average IQ rating is about 85-99 so if your IQ is higher than 100 - you are a clever person! Check your brain capabilities with our easy-to-use IQ Test App 2 and prove you are one of the smartest people in the world!

HOW TO USE: Answer the questions using your logical thinking. Type the answer with letters, words, numbers or other needed symbols. Find out all answers and get the result. 

IQ Test App 2 features:
- Classical intelligence test created by Ph.D.s;
- Each of 4 tests contain 40 tricky questions;
- User-friendly interface and a wide range of options. 

Test your brain possibilities and prove your intelligence level with our IQ Test App 2!