Human Anatomy Exam

Human Anatomy Exam



Have you ever interested in human anatomy? Or you even wanted to study medicine and become a doctor? Well, to become a doctor you have to know the basics of anatomy. Our app is the perfect quiz for you to begin your education or to brush up your knowledge! Human Anatomy Exam contains a lot of interesting questions from the simplest ones to the really hard issues concerning muscles, cells, organs, bones, glands and so on. For example, do you know where the nose located is? Or how many fingers are on two legs? We are sure that you do. But do you know which gland secretes the corticosteroids? Or how many joints in the human body?


HOW TO PLAY: The app displays questions about human anatomy, all you have to do is to select the correct choice from the four options displayed.


Human Anatomy Exam features:
- Basics of anatomy for students and those who are interested in biology;
- A lot of information concerning different structures of the human body;
- Educational biological quiz;
- User-friendly interface and colorful design.


You'll get to know all this by trial and error with Human Anatomy Exam. It contains a lot of information concerning different structures of the human body in the quiz form. There is nothing superfluous, just an anatomy quiz and a big break for you to know something new about human body.

Download it and have a lot of fun and profit with Human Anatomy Exam!