History of Things: Chess

History of Things: Chess



Millions of things surround us in everyday life. Not all of these things initially looked familiar to us, but they continue to perform the same functions. But some stuff have remained unchanged for centuries, since their invention. In addition, there are some items that are no longer needed, they gradually recede into the past. New tools that meet our modern needs appear in their place.

Let's turn to the item that accompanies mankind for many centuries - chess. History of chess accounts to at least one and a half thousand years. Invented in India in V-VI century, chess has spread almost all over the world, becoming an integral part of human culture. Do you know who has invented the chess and how this game has changed during that time? Our first interactive tutorial of the line "History of Things" will help you to learn more about your favorite game - chess. 

HOW TO USE: To get information just tap the photo of each figure and read interesting facts. 

History of Things: Chess features:
- Find out the meaning of each chess piece;
- Explore the history of the game itself;
- See photos of different chess pieces.

Become a real expert in the history of the things around us and help your friends to see how many amazing discoveries waiting for us every day so close!