Guess The Dog is a great quiz game dedicated different dogs’ breeds! Perfect time killer for adults and ideal learning game for kids! Our new app has 2 different game modes: relaxed and time limited.

HOW TO PLAY: Tap the quiz button on your device’s screen. Look at the picture of a dog and guess its breed. You have to choose the correct answer out of the list below the picture (tap on it to apply). You have four answers to choose between, but only one is the correct one. Each correct answer awards you with points. After the quiz you can enjoy lovely dogs illustrations in the gallery. You can also check your best score!

Guess The Dog features:
- Lots of breeds, lots of questions;
- Great collection of dog pictures;
- 2 game modes: relaxed for easy playing and time limited for advanced players.

There’s no need to be a dog whisperer to check your knowledge concerning dogs if you have our new game - Guess The Dog! It is an amazing picture guessing challenge for all those who can't live without their four legged friends and want to test their knowledge in the sphere of cynology!