Globe Geography 3D

Globe Geography 3D



Each of us wants to to travel, discover new places and open new horizons... Now all the world is in touch with a great educational app Globe Geography 3D! This geography guide combines advantages of a educational book, geography quiz and amazing facts collection each one will enjoy! With the help of Globe Geography 3D you can learn more about the countries of the world, discover, where they are situated and check your knowledge with an addiction geography game.


HOW TO USE: there are many ways you can profit the Globe Geography 3D. Choose a country and learn where it is on the globe, then read information and interesting facts. Or you can start with a game: answer the question and tap on the country on the map. After you see whether you are right, you can check the info and enlarge your knowledge. Why not start right now?


Globe Geography 3D features:

- All the countries of the world;

- Amazing geography quiz included;

- Globe 3D with smooth animation;

- Great way to study geography in any age.


It's time to travel and learn! Enjoy a perfect science app Globe Geography 3D and feel all the world turn around you!