German Grammar Test

German Grammar Test



German language is really beautiful even though not every person understands it. But this language is quite difficult to learn as well. And a beginner requires any help he can get! And we gladly introduce you a new application – German Grammar Test – that will help you to learn more about German. It doesn’t matter if you are only beginner or growing to comprehend more about the language – grammar training will be useful anyway.

Start your training today, don’t cheat using German dictionaries and grammar books and you will see the result!

HOW TO USE: German Grammar Test is arranged like a typical quiz: you will have questions with four variants of the answer. Tap to choose the correct one. Do your best and get a high score!

German Grammar Test features:
- Great application for every German language learner;
- New challenge for the smartest polyglots;
- Simple way to test your grammar.

Start educational German Grammar Test now and get prepared to your quizzes at school!