Oh, no!  The pipe is leaking and needs to be resolved as soon as possible! Or the water will flood the garden. It’s a great chance to improve your logic skills – show your best! The games is funny and challenging and has a lot of levels, and each level features different strategy of solving the tricky issue. Will you be an excellent plumber? Let's wait and see!

These beautiful little flowers whither without the water! In this hottest summer time, rain is very rare…and this fine plants can die! Save the flowers by placing the pipes in the correct order. Put your brain to the trial in this puzzle game, repair the pipes in the garden and become the champion of plumbing.

1.    Create a continuous pipeline between the tap and the overflow pipe.
2.    Rotate each pipe by tapping it.
3.    Click the tap when you have made the pipeline.
4.    Make all flowers bloom to win the level!

Well, the task is not easy thet it seems. Garden Pipes is an amusing game for the whole family! 

Garden Pipes features:
-    Lots of challenging levels;
-    Classic old school game with two game modes: classic and clear;
-    Nice, clean graphics and smooth game play;
-    Easy to start, fun to play, tough to master!