Galaxy Astronomy

Galaxy Astronomy



We live in the fascinating Universe and it’s always exceptionally entertaining to find more about it! Discover amazing facts about our Solar System with Galaxy Astronomy – Space Walk! You will find a plethora of articles about all bodies in our system: planets, satellites and Sun! Discover fascinating facts about them and surprise your family and friends with your knowledge in astronomy! Let your unforgettable space adventure begin!

HOW TO USE: Travel through captivating Solar System! Choose any planet, satellite or even Sun and read hand-picked articles about them! Find out their radius, weight, special features and more! Every article is accompanied with beautiful and vivid images! Start your journey through space today!

Galaxy Astronomy – Space Walk features:
- Detailed guide into our Solar System;
- Discover facts about planets, satellites and Su;
- Specially selected informative articles;
- Beautiful hand-picked images.

You don’t have to be an Astronomer to behold the beauties of our Solar System – simply try Galaxy Astronomy – Space Walk!