French Study

French Study



France, French... These words are oftentimes the synonyms of romance and amour. The language of love as it's called by many young lovers. Everyone can speak it, but many fails. One of the most swaggering and insidious part of any language is grammar. It is like a pitfall for beginners and need repeated trainings. 

French Study Daily can give the opportunity to become the profi in French and in French grammar in particular. Different levels of complexity concerning major aspects of the language will exercise you to the fullest.

French Study Daily suggests you the options of learning and quiz. Each with its two levels:
- Topic
- Subtopic

HOW TO USE: First of all, there is a theoretical part that should be explored and learned. Then, you can set forward to check obtained knowledge and to fasten them. There are several topics and subtopics offered. After passing all quizzes you can descry your progress with all correct, incorrect and unanswered question in the form of diagram

French Study Daily features:
- Tutorial and practical training at the same time;
- Essential French grammar textbook;
- Tests are divided into many topics and subtopics;
- Testing progress in the form of diagram.

Turn the French Study Daily app into the French Speaking Easily. Study French, practice French, live and love in French!