Fire Arms Assembling

Fire Arms Assembling



Now you can watch how the weapon works, and it means not only see the every part of a real gun, but also see the process of shooting and see the task of every part of the weapon. With Fire Arms Assembling you have a chance to understand the every step and watch every single part of two famous guns: Desert Eagle and Remington 870. Try to assemble the weapon and watch the shots in different modes

HOW TO PLAY: To play Fire Arms Assembling, choose one of the guns and tap the buttons on the left side of the screen to disassemble it. You can do it partly or disassemble it completely, you also can rotate the camera to change the angle of view. To see the process of shooting tap the shot button on the right. You have a possibility to see the shot at x-ray and in slow motion.

Fire Arms Assembling features:
- Two different guns Desert Eagle and Remington 870;
- Weapon assembling and disassembling;
- Watch the process of shooting;
- X-ray and slow-motion mode.