Find The Numbers Puzzle

Find The Numbers Puzzle



This is a task for the most ATTENTIVE ones! Find The Numbers Puzzle - use all of your concentration to find the numbers on pictures. This is an ATTENTION and REACTION training app appropriate both for children and adults. Finding numbers is not that easy as you may think. It inquires deep concentration and patience. 

This app would be useful if you want to find a game for your KID'S DEVELOPMENT, which would also help him to learn NUMBERS and how to COUNT. Improve intelligence just playing number puzzle game!

HOW TO PLAY: Numbers are hidden on the picture. FIND them all and TAP on the screen. But remember that you should find numbers in ASCENDING ORDER. 

Find The Numbers Puzzle FEATURES:
- Number game to train your brain;
- Improve your attention and concentration;
- Educational game for kids: learn how to count;
- Increasing complexity with each level;
- Beautiful pictures of nature.

Find The Numbers Puzzle game, help your kid to improve his ATTENTION and REACTION skills, help him to learn COUNTING or use it yourself as an exercise for your brain!