Farm For Toddlers

Farm For Toddlers



There is an interesting and educative app for your kids Farm For Toddlers Game! Don’t you know how to busy your kid with profit? It’s time to improve your child’s recognition and concentration! There is fun and instructive game that allows to teach your toddlers to know different animals and their sounds. It includes sounds for the following animals: bird, cat, cow, dog, duck, horse, donkey, pig, sheep and wolf. Enjoy colourful animal illustrations!

HOW TO PLAY: this simple game will present you with a sound and you need to select the corresponding animal. Touch the animal illustration and you will hear the sound! Test how well you know animal tones! This is the perfect app to have a good time with your children, or simply to laugh with your friends!

Farm For Toddlers Game features:
- The animals and background are expertly designed with great kids appeal;
- The play is supremely simple, but mentally stimulating, culminating in learning the names of farm animals;
- Touch, see, hear, and discover technology. This app is an excellent first app for any baby or toddler.

This brilliant game Farm For Toddlers Game will help your child while entertaining and delighting them for hours of farm yard fun! Download today and learn at the same time with this instructive game!