Entangled Game

Entangled Game



Entangled Game is a great logic puzzle for everyone who’s into logical puzzles and trivia games for kids and adults. Improve your logical skills with our cool untangle deluxe game! New brain teaser game for all lovers of puzzles and quizzes! If you can’t live without crossword games and mahjong is your favorite app, you will definitely love Entangled Game!

HOW TO PLAY: In this entertaining game you have a net with the balls on its bends. You have to move balls and change bends’ angles to create another figure. Guess the right position of the balls and resolve the puzzle! But you have to be quick and attentive because you have only several seconds to resolve it. 

Entangled Game features:
- Challenging logic puzzle game for kids and adults;
- Tests and improve your logical skills;
- Exciting puzzle game with interesting quests.

So Entangled Game logic puzzle is not as simple as you might have thought! Download it now and get the most exciting brain challenge in the world!