Elevator Escape

Elevator Escape



Elevator Escape is an educational game for children, which can help them to study and practice adding and subtraction numbers. 
You're stuck in a skyscraper, where have some business to do. As luck would have it, the elevator doesn't work properly. 
But there's no other options. So ride the broken elevator and complete you missions,since you're the one to deal with it! Make the Elevator Escape as quick as you can! Improve calculating skills while playing!

How to play: You'll be given a task, where you should get to the mentioned floor. Think that’s easy?
But the problem is that elevator’s broken and you can move only certain number of floors up or down. Think carefully and try to get to the floor you need. You can also choose to play tag. In this task you need to collect details of pictures to win. Tasks are difficult, but I bet you can do it!

Elevator Escape features:
- Amusing math game for kids;
- Different challenging tasks to complete: play tag or just get to the certain floor;
- The best game for all elevator simulator fans!

Spend some quality time with your kids, solving Elevator Escape various tasks! Studying can be fun!