Dragon Mission Saga

Dragon Mission Saga



Dragon Mission Saga will bring you into the world where not people, but dragons rules. This creatures are wise, but sometimes they have conflicts, that can be resolved only in a duel. Take part in brutal combats and try to collect different dragons. You can also challenge your friends, to find out, who is the best in dragon battles.

HOW TO PLAY: let your dragon move on the field, to attack your opponent. Use Attack and Block buttons to fight. When you click on the Block button, you can't attack. If you win in the battle, you get the dragon of your opponent and have more dragons to choose from.

Dragon Mission Saga Features:
- set time records;
- useful indicators: Health and Ammo;
- play against an artificial intellect or compete with your friends;
- bonuses: Health, Ammo, Ammo Boost;
- collect all dragons: Fire Dragon, Snow Dragon, Vert Dragon, Stone Dragon, Lightnings Dragon, Water Dragon, Iridescent Dragon.
- different locations: volcanoes, snow-capped mountains, forest, jungle, desert.

Maybe dragons have lived on the Earth many earth before. Nobody can say it exactly. Dragon Mission Saga gives you a possibility to travel in their kingdom.