Dragon Bones Riddle

Dragon Bones Riddle



Fairytale paleontology is something enthralling! Now there is a super chance to take part in real magic investigation. Find and place bones of dragons and the other fabled creatures to their proper locations to win! Collect these magic skeletons and body them of dreamlike beasts. Surround yourself with the enigmatic secrets of dragons’ world and disclose them!

HOW TO PLAY: You need to create dragons’ skeletons placing matching bones to their proper locations! The number of bones will constantly increase.  Select bones by tapping them, if you are right the bones will attach to the skeleton, otherwise they will return at the same position. Remember, some bones may be unnecessary for the completion. By the way if you want to improve your time results you can always tap restart and start from the very beginning.

Dragon Bones Riddle features:
- Multi-level educational game of fabled fauna;
- A nice opportunity to learn new information about dragons;
- Excellent pastime game for all interested in paleontology and archeology;
- Complete dragons’ skeletons being time-limited.