Dots Connect

Dots Connect



Dots Connect is a simple puzzle game for all ages. Here you don't need to think too much and develop strategies. Just connect the dots! This app will help you to relax after a busy day or kill time while you're stuck in a traffic jam. 

If you're tired of hard puzzle games, try our Dots Connect app. This addictive game not only releases stress, but also improves attention and reaction.

HOW TO PLAY: You see a field with dots of different colors. Your goal is to connect the dots of similar colors as many times as possible! You can connect dots only vertically and horizontally. Be quick, the time is limited. Try to get as many points as possible!

Dots Connect features:
- relaxing game;
- minimalistic and colorful design;
- simple to use - just slide the screen;
- new challenge for all fans of dots connecting games.

Dots Connect - enjoy solving puzzles! Forget about complicated brain teasers, this game was developed for you to relax and just have fun!