Don't Tap The White

Don't Tap The White



It's time to introduce you a perfect game for everyone who enjoys the pretty and simple games! Meet crazy but addictive Don't Tap The White! It is a captivating arcade that will definitely consume you! If you miss old school arcades which were simple but totally fun, Don't Tap The White waits for you! If you need a real challenge for your speed and reaction just try this new game! Immerse into the beautiful colourful world, where your goal is clear and simple – you mustn’t tap the white tiles!

HOW TO PLAY: Don't Tap The White is a pretty and simple game. Just tap the colour tiles and don’t touch the white ones. This game has several modes (Classic, Miner, Time-limited, Racing modes etc.), so you can choose the most interesting and suitable for you.

Don't Tap The White features:
- Simple but absolutely addictive arcade game;
- Different modes for more bewitching playing (Classic Mode, Slow Miner Arcade Mode, Racing Double Mode);
- Playful and colourful design;
- Suits both for kids and adults.

Are you ready for a new ultimate challenge?! That's what are you waiting for – hurry up and check this amazing arcade Don't Tap The White right away! Come on, it’s time to play! Let’s prove who is the quickest and the deftest!