Dog Breeder

Dog Breeder



Dog Breeder - your chance to get a virtual pet! With our entertaining app you can create any dog you want. 

Our app was designed especially for those who love pets. So if you are one of them you'll enjoy breeding dogs any choosing accessories for them. Breeding dogs at home is very expensive, takes a lot of time and effort. But virtual breeding can be even more fun! Develop new breeds, it is your choice!

HOW TO PLAY: There're 10 different breeds of dog. You can pick up a body and after that attach any legs, head and tail you want. Also you can choose accessories for your pet to make it more attractive. At the end app will generate a name for the breed you've invented!

Dog Breeder features:
- Breed your own dog;
- Big variety of dog's parts of body to mix;
- Choose accessories for pets;
- Information about breeds and dog barking.

Feel like a real Dog Breeder with our new dog generator app! Use imagination and create unique breeds!