Disassembly Science - Space Ships

Disassembly Science - Space Ships



If you are fasctinated by mysterious Universe and want to know how to travel in space -  Disassembly Science – Space Ships will help you! Fascinating world of space ships awaits you! Now you can get to know every little detail and understand how they work! Choose one of the famous space ships and watch them being disassembled and then reconstructed right away! And of course you can try to do it yourself! Control and move every part of the space ship – from sheathing to engine! Discover fantastic world of space ships!
HOW TO PLAY: Choose one of the famous space ships. You can choose demo option and see it being disassembled and assembled. You can also manually choose to dismantle or put it together. Detach all parts or move every detail in correct position and reconstruct the space ship back. Discover how they work and improve your knowledge!

Disassembly Science – Space Ships features:
-  Choose one of well-known space ships!
- Watch them being disassembled and assembled!
- Dismantle and reconstruct space ships manually!
- Improve your science knowledge!

With Disassembly Science – Space Ships you can be one step closer to space exploration! The wast Universe is yours to explore!