Cyber-Slang Vocabulary

Cyber-Slang Vocabulary



Cyber-Slang Vocabulary app let get acquainted with either widespread or new Internet slang representatives allowing you to be in the loop! Internet is an integral part of our lives. Nowadays it's like another world, and as an individual world it has its own language which develops and changes with the course of time.  Immerse into the atmosphere of virtual life! 

HOW TO USE: Our application will teach you interesting Internet slang and, also, will help you solidify knowledge by means of vocabulary test!

Cyber-Slang Vocabulary features:
- Internet Slang Vocabulary with explanations;
- Possibility to solidify knowledge; 4 vocabulary quizzes;
- Possibility to improve your English;
- Results and attempts in circular diagrams!
- Sound effects; the possibility to switch it off;
- The function "Add to Favorite" / "Delete from Favorite".

Improve your language skills and be in the loop with Cyber-Slang Vocabulary!