Cross Colors

Cross Colors



If you have some time to relax, there is nothing better for you than classic Japanese puzzles. Concentrate on the game and feel spirit of Japan with Cross Colors! This brain challenge has been popular in Japan for many years and now you can keep your brain busy. Try out new virtual version of complicated game with simple rules. The first famous grid picture was created by using skyscraper lights that were turned on or off. Later picture riddles appeared in puzzle magazines. Now there are different solution techniques, you can try all of them while playing Cross Colors. This game will be also interesting for children, who like colouring books.

HOW TO PLAY: Different numbers are displayed across the top and the left-hand side of the grid. Each number represents the number of cells, which are filled with a certain color. Fill all cells to create a picture. Tap on a cell to fill it.

Cross Colors features:
- 3 levels of different complexity;
- Solve all puzzles as fast as possible and set your own records;
- Indicators which show how successful you are: time and number of mistakes;
- You can pause the game and restart later;
- Simple control: tap on cells to fill it and create a picture.

Cross Colors is not only a perfect entertainment but also great attention trainer. Try to mark, which cells you have to fill with a certain color!