Crayon Puzzle

Crayon Puzzle



Crayon Puzzle Game - games for kids!
Enjoy new exciting and challenging puzzle physics game Crayon Puzzle. Lead your roller ball to the candy star to win this race of champions. In order to solve Crayon Puzzle physics quiz you will have to draw a labyrinth with a pencil. 
Test your wits and precision in challenging crayon kids painting game. Crayon Puzzle is the best brain twister you have ever seen. 

HOW TO PLAY: tap the screen to create a joint, slide it to draw and swipe to move shapes.

Crayon Puzzle maze arcade game features: 
- User-friendly interface and intuitive control; 
- Addictive gameplay with challenging riddles; 
Make a picture with a chalk in brain trainer game Crayon Puzzle. Improve your logical thinking skills and solve all picture puzzles!