Count And Match

Count And Match



Learn to count with cute sea animals in our colorful developmental app Count And Match! Count up the small fishes and crabs and help them to get back to the sea! This amazing educational game for toddlers and preschoolers will help your kid easily learn the arithmetic basics while playing and having fun. 

HOW TO PLAY: Drag the marine animals from the shore to the sea according to the number indicated on the screen. Be carefull - you are to pull over the exact amount of each animal, for instance 1 fish, 3 crabs and 2 sea horses. You will hear the voice announcing a counting number of a creature you are dragging, it will help you to learn the number names and to cope with your task. Tap the OK button when finish a task to check the results. 

Count And Match features: 
- Learn numbers and improve counting skills; 
- Perfect educational activity for preschoolers; 
- Colorful cartoon-like graphics and cute characters;
- Voice recordings for better comprehension and memorizing. 

Let's count together!