Constellations - Connecting Stars

Constellations - Connecting Stars



Welcome to the Constellations - Connecting Stars app, your guide to the interstellar space. The app offers you to be the Creator a wee bit and to reproduce the universe almost at all. Gather dozens of constellations from the star dots and learn them. Finally, you will realize the reasons of many galaxies names. But recreate the sea of stars attentively and truthfully, sometimes you can face untrue luminaries, so be watchful!

HOW TO USE: Connect the totality of dots in the correct order and draw the constellation accordingly an appropriate form. There are three complexity levels. Furthermore, you can enjoy the quiz and unravel the constellation without drawing.

Constellations - Connecting Stars features:
- The complex of majority celestial sphere objects;
- Staged recreation of galaxies and guessing them in one app;
- The opportunity to broaden your idea about astronomy and stargazing.