Connect The Dots With Dinos

Connect The Dots With Dinos



What a score! You have an opportunity to download an amazing app for you and your child! “Connect The Dots With Dinos” has the right balance between education and entertainment, profit and fun! It’s really a great practice for preschoolers and elder children to learn numbers and different kinds of dinosaurs!

This educational application teaches children to recognize and pronounce numbers and pictures in a kid-friendly way – they both sound! Be sure – your child is learning while having a great fun! Who knows maybe even adults will fall in love with it!

All you need is touch the screen in a certain way: tap on a series of dots and enjoy the result comes to life! When your kid succeed in connecting all the points they are delightfully transformed into a wonderful graphic of whatever the child has outlined.

Connect The Dots With Dinos features:
- Education&Entertainment;
- Wide variety of dino images;
- Cool practice for preschoolers.

Sometimes the images aren’t easy to guess. So activate and develop your children's imagination, attention and love of learning. Wish you agreeable pastime!