Common Numbers - Crazy Howmeter

Common Numbers - Crazy Howmeter



Many children want to become mathematicians, physicians, detectives or just accountants. They don't notice, that their lovely counting can be everywhere! You can find out, for example, how many keys the piano in granny's closet has or how many traffic lanes there are in the autobahn under the parents' room windows. If you don't know that facts, Common Numbers - Crazy Howmeter is made specially for you! Count everywhere, always and under any conditions! Don't waste your time, because you can do it with all things in your room. Look around. Have you found something? If you haven't, Common Numbers - Crazy Howmeter can show and demonstrate, what you can count. Believe us, there's a lot of interesting and surprising suddennesses!

HOW TO PLAY: Rules are simple. Just presume the right answer to the question. If the question is too difficult for you, you can calculate the answer with your own hand! It will paint the game with the new colours!

Common Numbers - Crazy Howmeter features:
- A great number of unexpected things, which you can count;
- Excellent developer of mathematics skills and counting attentiveness;
- Extra link with exhaustive information about every fact.

Let's start the most realistic counting ever! Just download Common Numbers - Crazy Howmeter, look around and begin!