Combination Lock Sim

Combination Lock Sim



Combination Lock Sim will make you feel like a real cracker or picklock. Pit wits, activate your intellectual skills and crack a code! Have you ever had a desire to break a safe and steal the treasure? Now you have an opportunity to do it     unpunished! Don't miss this opportunity and play Combination Lock Sim!

There are three game modes in this game. First one is "Disk Shutter". It offers you to remember a sequence of numbers and then to reproduce this code. The second one - "Intercom" - is more complicated and requires your sagacity. And the third one "Keyboard" wants you do the same but with the letters. Oh, no more hints!     Be the first to know more!

HOW TO PLAY: You have set of numbers. Numbers in one set are never the same, any number could stay at any place in a set.
You should guess the combination.
1. In the Disk Shutter you'll be given a combination to remember. Enter the combination to win.
2. In the Intercom and the Keyboard levels you should guess the combination. 

Combination Lock Sim features:
- Useful and funny brain trainer;
- Three game modes;
- User-friendly interface.

Tune up your mind with Combination Lock Sim! Download this educational game and enjoy it!