Colors Mixing For Kids

Colors Mixing For Kids



Learn colors and make them yourself with Color Mixing For Kids! Drawing is so important for children. This educational painting app will be a perfect guide for your kid into the world of colors. Take your palette and use imagination creating different colors and tints. This may be your first step in becoming a famous artist! How to use: 

HOW TO PLAY: You are given a palette with 3 base colors: red, yellow and blue. Mix them on a canvas to get new tints. The names of new colors and tints will be written on a screen. After comes another mode, where you should mix the base colors that way to get a new color or tint which is already given. If you cannot solve this task, there's a hit telling you which colors you need to mix. Color dictionary is also available, so that kid could learn them. 

Color Mixing For Kids features:
- Educational game for kids to learn colors;
- Easy control made especially for children;
- Improve drawing skills;
- Whole palette of colors.

Entertainment and learning game for all young artists - Color Mixing For Kids! Learn to recognize and mix different colors!