Classic Literature: Free eBooks Library

Classic Literature: Free eBooks Library



Classic Literature is a portable book collection of famous classics of the world. The library is divided into categories according to the author, from Dostoevsky and Herbert Wells to Arthur Conan Doyle and Emile Zola! The main heroes of the books will give you an example of brave, courage, wisdom, kindness, honor. These books help readers tell good from evil, right from wrong. With this collection, you will learn that and many more. Every book has it's own designed cover and brief and concise annotations.Stay in touch for new regular updates of our collection. Spend your time with pleasure and benefit in company world's best authors! 

HOW TO USE: look through the authors, pick the book you want and start reading.

Classic Literature: Free eBooks Library features:
- Famous and popular authors and books;
- Short descriptions and annotations;
- Constant updates;
- Convenient reading system.

Gift yourself with the miraculous opportunity to dissolve in the world of classic literature!