Cell Anatomy 3D

Cell Anatomy 3D



A human being is a very complex creature. All the organs are interrelated and work as one whole, but however developed anatomy and physiology are, we still don't know everything about how it all really works. But one thing we know for sure ― we're all made of cells. Learn more about cell structure, organelles and their functioning with Cell Anatomy 3D.

HOW TO USE: Launch the app and choose between the 3 cell types available. You will see a 3D model of the chosen cell. Make it turn around, zoom in and out to observe it from different angles. Learn more about organelles and their functions. 

Cell Anatomy 3D features:
- Animal, plant and bacteria cell;
- Realistic 3D cell modeling;
- Useful information on each organelle and its functions;
- Perfect visual material for teachers;
- Available in 10 languages.

Cell Anatomy 3D ― perfect app to learn cellular structure. This app will be helpful for students as well as their teachers.