Brick Breaker

Brick Breaker



Our dear friend! Welcome to the new educational game! You'll love your beautiful and very entertaining game. Be sure your child will love and enjoy our new game Brick Breaker. Brick Breaker- Is an addictive puzzle game with a simple but original story. Due to the ease with which you will learn to play and win, Brick Breaker- excellent mobile game which will make you smile.

HOW TO PLAY: Simply immerse the cubes to create or destroy the full line on the screen both vertically and horizontally, and do not let the cubes fill the screen. The game has three game modes:easy,medium,difficult. The game is like a game of Tetris, but figures can be inserted at any place in the square.

Brick Breaker features:
- Different wonderful puzzles;
- Improve your speed and logical skills with our new app;
- Great educational game for you or your child;
- Perfect design will attract you.