Welcome to the brand new interactive encyclopedia Boer War - History And Mysteries. The whole world of collected facts, events, mysteries and enigmas about the first conflict of the XXth century, the Second Boer War 1899-1902. Detailed map of South Africa with the marks of all key battlefields will give to you an irreproachable impression of what disaster Afrikaners and Boers lived through.

HOW TO USE: There is a map of the South African Republics and British colonies including the Republic of Transvaal, Orange Free State, Natal, Cape Colony and other participants of 1899 in front of you with a crowd of markers. Choose any remark to see the exhaustive information about one or another fact. An interesting quiz will help you to solidify knowledge.

Boer War features:
- Scores of highlights (50+) about the Boer War;
- All from the basic battles to the mysteries and unrenowned events;
- Thematical soundtrack;
- Encyclopedia, atlas and quiz in one app;
- Lots of interesting facts you'll never heard before.